1.54 inch Square LCD Display 240*240 TFT LCD Module with MCU/SPI Interface

cheap 1.54 inch square 240x240 tft screen display ST7789V 1.54 inch tft lcd module

Product model: TF-LCM15418A-N-V0 Category:

More transport interface options than 1.3 inches

With a 1.54 inch square TFT LCD display with a full color resolution of 240*240, you don’t need to worry about the visual effects at all, as this is a premium IPS product with full viewing angles. You can choose the same SPI interface as the 1.3 inch product. If you prefer faster transmission speed, we can also provide the MCU interface option.

It’s your most familiar friend, because it’s so widely available that you can see it anywhere: smart watches, education, control systems, handheld devices, advertising, etc, and of course, your innovative products.

Each part of the product supports custom services. Specific pin definition, FPC shape, ultra bright backlight, unique touch screen shape and LOGO. Please share your thoughts with us and we will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation plan.

Your message will be the first step of our long-term cooperation!



Display Mode Transmissive / Normally Black
Viewing Direction IPS full viewing angle
Interface SPI /MCU interface
Outline Dimensions 32.32(W) * 35.76(H) * 1.74(T) mm
Active Area 27.72(W) * 27.72(H) mm
Resolution 240(RGB)*240Pixels
Pitch Pixel 0.1155*0.1155 mm
Driver IC ST7789V
LCD Components Glass+IC+FPC+BL
Brightness 210cd/m2
Touch Panel without touch panel
LCD Example Code Yes
Color Color TFT LCD

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