1.3 inch 240*240 Round/Circular TFT LCD display SPI interface

Small size lcd screen 1.3 inch ips full viewing angle 240*240 tft lcd module round/circular TFT LCD Screen with SPI Interface

Product model: TF-LCM13015A-N-V0 Category:

It is the thinnest of all TFT LCD displays with only 1.4mm thickness!

If you have a non-negligible requirement for the thickness of the product, or don’t want the product to be constrained by the high OLED cost, then this product will be the best choice for you.

This small size 1.3 inch round shape TFT LCD display with a resolution of 240*240. The IPS full viewing angel property enables your products to have the best visual effect. SPI 3-line interface and ST7789V chip are adopted to meet your needs in terms of debugging convenience, transmission speed, stability and low power consumption. We will also provide full technical support to help you to complete the project development as soon as possible.

Strong adaptability makes this product suitable for various application scenarios. It can make your solution more attractive in the fields of smart watch, medical equipment, vehicle, smart home control system and so on. We are also looking forward to your sharing with us other outstanding ideas that we will bring to fruition for you.

Each part of the product supports custom services. Specific pin definition, FPC shape, ultra bright backlight, unique touch screen shape and LOGO. Please share your thoughts with us and we will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation plan.

Your message will be the first step of our long-term cooperation!



Display Mode Transmissive / Normally Black
Viewing Direction IPS full viewing angle
Interface SPI interface
Outline Dimensions 35.34(W) * 38.23(H) *1.4(T) mm
Active Area 32.4(W) * 32.4(H) mm
Resolution 240(RGB)*240Pixels
Pitch Pixel 0.135*0.135 mm
Driver IC ST7789V
LCD Components Glass+IC+FPC+BL
Brightness 150cd/m2
Touch Panel without touch panel
LCD Example Code Yes
Color Color TFT LCD

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