6.0 inch 1440p TFT LCD display MIPI DSI interface HDMI board

6.0 inch TFT LCD display with 2K 1440p QHD high resolution, MIPI DSI 8-Lane interface, matching HDMI board for fast connection, widely used in VR headset, smart phone, etc.

Product model: TF-LCM60010A-V1 Category:

6 inch 1440p display!

Developed and produced by Topfoison, this 6 inch display, QHD 1440(RGB)* 2560 2K ultra-high resolution, IPS full viewing angle, 250cd/m2 brightness, has MIPI 8-lane high transmission speed data interface, and R63419 high-performance driver IC.

It also comes with a matching HDMI board that lets you easily connect to PC, Raspberry Pi and other platforms. It has achieved great success in VR headsets, Smart Phones, Automobile Display systems and other industries.

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Display Mode Transmissive / Normally Black
Viewing Direction IPS full viewing angle
Interface MIPI DSI 8-Lanes
Outline Dimension 77.04(W) * 139.82(H) * 1.61(T) mm
Active Area 74.52(W) * 132.48(H) mm
Resolution 1440(RGB)*2560 Pixels
Pitch Pixel 0.069*0.069 mm
Driver IC R63419
LCD Components LCD glass+Driver IC+FPC+Backlight
Brightness 250cd/m2
Touch  Panel No
LCD Example code YES
Color Full Color TFT LCD

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