3.2 inch 240*320 TFT LCD display with SPI/MCU interface Resistive Touch Panel

High cost-effective 3.2 inch vertical 240*320 TFT LCD display with resistive touchscreen SPI/MCU interface

Product model: TF-LCM32010A-T-V0 Category:

Model: TF32010A-T

This 3.2 inch 240*320 resolution TFT LCD display resistive touch panel, with 12 O’clock viewing angle.

Matching SPI /MCU compatible interface, ILI9341V driver IC, having a strong versatility and easy debugging. You can get the most comprehensive technical support from us.

This product is favored by many customers, widely used in handheld gaming machine, HMI, industrial display, medical and other fields, and has been warmly welcomed by consumers. We look forward to your new inspiration.

Each part of the product supports custom services. Specific pin definition, FPC shape, ultra bright backlight, unique touch screen shape and LOGO. Please share your thoughts with us and we will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation plan.

Your message will be the first step of our long-term cooperation!



Display Mode Transmissive / Normally Black
Viewing Direction 12 o’clock
Interface SPI/MCU interface
Outline Dimensions 55.04(W) * 77.7(H) * 3.75(T) mm
Active Area 48.6(W) * 64.8(H) mm
Resolution 240(RGB)*320Pixels
Pitch Pixel 0.2025*0.2025 mm
Driver IC ILI9341V
LCD Components Glass+IC+FPC+BL+RTP
Brightness 280cd/m2
Touch Panel Resistive Touch Panel
LCD Example Code Yes
Color Color TFT LCD

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