Do you know why LCD screen appears ripple? Let’s see.


LCD display has a variety of arrangements, so there will be TN screen, IPS screen and so on. The one that will easily produce water ripples is TN type, which is also the principle used by most soft screens. Think of the liquid crystal as a long bar, primarily a change in inclination relative to the vertical direction to change the grayscale. At this time, a certain amount of pressure will change the numerical inclination angle.


Why is the legendary IPS hard screen not prone to water ripples? Because his liquid crystals are arranged in a way that changes the inclination relative to the horizontal direction to change the gray scale. At this time, the vertical direction of a certain amount of pressure, the change of the angle of influence is small. At the same time, the liquid crystal in this arrangement recovers much faster than TN, so it is very easy to return to normal quickly.


What need to emphasize here is, not be main because of hard screen, glass is very hard, press so it seems that cannot move glass ability to appear more difficult water ripple. But because of the arrangement of liquid crystal and the different direction of electric field controlling liquid crystal, IPS has the ability to use hard glass screen, while TN type cannot be used.


Why can’t TN LCD use hard glass? Because TN liquid crystal display principle is the upper and lower glass plate printed circuit board, can not use a harder glass; IPS liquid crystal display principle, only under the glass circuit can be controlled, so the upper layer can be thick and thin hard soft.


IPS screen is better than TN screen so some, of course, the corresponding price, is not necessarily more cost-effective. The disadvantages of TN relative to IPS include:


First, up and down perspective is not enough, generally speaking, TN screen (notebook is basically all, you can try to watch) around the perspective is quite large, 130-140 degrees should be no problem, but up and down, especially on, the perspective will be very small.


Second, the color number is relatively low. It is widely believed that 16.7M color cannot be displayed, but only 16.2M color can be displayed. The tragedy was caused by a problem with the drive circuit.


Three, at the same time, this 16.2m missing 500,000 kinds of color tragedy emperor, or dithering shows. Dither display: yellow + blue = green, first to show you yellow, and then quickly become blue, human eyes have a delay, it feels like a mixed color of green.


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