COG is short for chip on glass, where the chip is bonded directly to the glass. This installation mode can greatly reduce the volume of LCD module, and is easy to mass production, suitable for consumer electronic products of LCD, such as: mobile phone, PAD and other portable products, this installation mode, driven by IC manufacturers, will be the main way to connect IC and LCD in the future.


COG process is to use Flip Chip (Flip Chip) conduction mode, the Chip directly on the glass substrate electrode, using the Anisotropic Conductive Film (Anisotropic Conductive Film, ACF) behind the material as the bonding interface, make the two kinds of combination of object vertical electrode conduction. The current production process of COG engagement process is carried out in an automated way. The COG bonding operation consists of three operations: attaching anisotropic conductive film, IC prebinding and IC binding.


  1. The anisotropic conductive film is attached

First of all, the first step in the production process of COG is to attach ACF to the LCD electrode, and then tear off the ACF release paper. Only ACF is left to attach to the LCD electrode to complete the ACF attachment.


  1. IC binding

Moving to complete assignments ACF attached with a LCD to IC binding engineering to binding operations of IC, the project should be IC counterpoint to the LCD relative electrode, therefore need to read CCD image recognition, image processing with computer system, the recognition on the IC and LCD preset position, respectively, by the computer automatically after computing the relative coordinates can be accurate to IC on the LCD electrode, complete IC binding homework beforehand.


3.IC binding

Finally, transfer the LCD after the completion of IC prebinding operation to the IC binding project for the IC binding operation. This project is the key to the quality of COG manufacturing process, and the pressure temperature, pressure and pressure time are the three elements of ACF curing.



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