LCD type:

OLED liquid crystal display, STN liquid crystal display, STN liquid crystal display, STN liquid crystal display, TFD liquid crystal display are five common types of liquid crystal display.

Concept perspective: LCD (liquid-crystal display) is a Liquid Crystal Display, LCM (liquid-crystal module) is a Liquid Crystal Module;

Industry perspective: LCD is a big concept, is the name of LCD display industry, and LCM cannot be used as the name of LCD;

Product perspective: LCD represents the front product or process, while LCM represents the back product or process. LCD refers to a liquid crystal display (LCD Panel), while LCM represents a combination of the following modules: LCD Panel+ACF+Driver IC+PCB+FPC+B/L Module+ iron frame.


Liquid crystal module type:

According to the process types, liquid crystal modules can be divided into two types: COB (Chip-On-Board) liquid crystal module and COG (Chip-On-Glass) liquid crystal module.More depending on the type of backlight, backlight color.

There is a more important way to classify liquid crystal modules. According to the classification of display content and mode, it can be divided into character liquid crystal module, graphics dot matrix liquid crystal module and pen segment liquid crystal module.

LCD is short for Liquid Crystal Display, which translates as Liquid Crystal Display.

LCM is short for LCD module, which translates to liquid crystal module.


The difference between LCD module and LCD is that LCD is a kind of component of LCD module. LCD module refers to the components that are assembled together with LCD screen, connector, control and drive peripheral circuits, PCB circuit board, backlight, structural components and so on.


Liquid crystal modules usually refer to small size liquid crystal displays. Large controlled liquid crystal displays are not usually called liquid crystal modules, but called displays or liquid crystal displays.



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