With the development of science and technology, liquid crystal has appeared in people’s life. Serial LCD display is a new technology at present. What is serial liquid crystal screen?


Serial LCD adopts high-speed digital chip control, standardized instruction set for programming, according to customer needs can be embedded in any font and size of multiple Chinese and foreign font library. Send data through (serial) port. On the monitor can display a variety of fonts, colors of Chinese and western text and picture files. The user can call up the fixed picture in SD card by command mode, and realize the combination, circulation, alternations and overlapping display of real-time data with the scene.


Serial port LCD screen applicable to the industry: laser whitening equipment, medical equipment, fire equipment, instrumentation, sauna bath equipment, electric spark machine display, POS machine customer display, power display terminal, temperature and humidity instruments.


The system has strong function, strong anti-interference, good compatibility, easy to expand and upgrade. At the same time, the rich instruction set makes the application more convenient.

  1. Serial port LCD adopts the standard serial port mode, that is, each data transmission adopts 10 bits: 1 start bit, 8 data bits and 1 stop bit.
  2. Support JPG format pictures, true color 64K color, picture files directly copied from the computer to the display SD card, without any format conversion, users can directly call.
  3. Image storage capacity is not limited
  4. Support any size and font Chinese and English font library, can simultaneously built-in and call multiple font library above is a serial port LCD screen is what related content introduction.


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