Driving method:

1) make use of the regulation method of current value

2) adjustment method using pulse amplitude modulation technology


The adjustment of the current value method mainly is to change the current value to adjust the brightness of the, the assumption of luminosity to 1 times, white light luminosity and luminosity to 1.7 times of the current, the photometric into three times, although the intensity of illumination and the current value is not proportional relationship, but red is a proportional relationship, the main reason is that the red, green, and blue chips property caused by dissimilar to each other.


Working principle of Ed driven IC:

The chip contains a constant-current generating circuit, which can be used to set the output constant-current value through the plug-in resistance. Through the enabling end of the chip, the switching time of the output channel can be controlled, with the switching frequency up to 1MHz (1MHz).Current output response is very fast, supporting the application of high color order change and high picture refresh rate. Built – in open circuit detection, over – heat power off, and over – current protection, greatly improve the reliability of the application system.


Drive IC: LED is the light-emitting diode, when the number of diodes or large power consumption pipe need to drive, and is a few levels of drive, the drive to an integrated electronic chip, the chip is called drive IC, simply said is to play a role in providing compensation for the diode current.


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