The brightness uniformity of LCD display is an important index to judge whether the LCD display is good or bad. If the uniformity is not good, it means that the backlight source of the LCD display is not well designed, and it is easy to leak light.Therefore a good screen must have a better uniformity.


The uneven brightness of the LCD display will lead to a large difference in brightness and darkness on the screen. Our eyes will consume more energy when dealing with this difference in brightness and darkness than usual. Therefore, our eyes will be particularly prone to fatigue when using the uneven brightness of the LCD display.


The calculation method of the evenness of the average luminance distribution of the surface light source is: the lowest luminance ÷ the highest luminance ×100%= evenness (data). General internal inspection adds 5% to customer requirements. Generally small and medium-sized size LCD measurement of 9 points of brightness, the minimum value measured by the maximum value is the uniformity of the LCD, the higher the uniformity means the LCD picture quality consistency is better. The ideal uniformity is 100%, the higher the uniformity, the better the brightness consistency of the picture.


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