Under the screen fingerprint identification in the screen share is higher and higher at the same time, it seems to see the dawn of the rise, major mobile phone manufacturers have launched under the screen fingerprint identification technology, in the future, under the screen fingerprint identification technology will also be the general trend of the market.


According to the working principle, there are two kinds of fingerprint identification technologies under the screen: optical screen fingerprint and ultrasonic screen fingerprint. At present, under – screen fingerprint technology is mainly divided into under – screen fingerprint module for organic light-emitting diode display panel and under – screen fingerprint module for traditional liquid crystal panel (LCD).


In OLED display panels, because each pixel whether light can be controlled separately, in theory, the fingerprint module can be placed in any pixels below, activated in fingerprint recognition mode, the corresponding pixel light, light is located in the glass panel at the top of the fingerprint, through collimating lens by fingerprints after the launch of light, it is located in the light of pixels at the bottom of the optical recognition module receives, into a small current signal is identified, because the fingerprint ridge valley, its corresponding photocurrent is different, can realize fingerprint identification by identifying photocurrent. Since the LCD panel cannot control the luminescence of a single pixel, the entire backlight module must be lit when fingerprint recognition mode is activated, which brings high power consumption.


Under screen fingerprint identification technology based on ultrasonic principle is also a kind of under screen fingerprint identification method which is widely used at present. Ultrasonic fingerprint recognition is the use of ultrasonic has the ability to penetrate the material, the energy is controlled in the degree of non-damage to the human body. On fingerprint identification, emit ultrasonic ultrasonic sensors, the incident to the fingers, and because the fingerprint ridge valley, told the ultrasonic propagation path length is different, so the reflection echo by fingerprint ridge and time of arrival in the ultrasonic receiver is differ, analysis processing, these differences can describe the fingerprint. Compared with optical fingerprint module, it has the following advantages: compared with optical fingerprint module, its volume is small, and it can realize full-screen fingerprint identification, that is, no matter where the finger is placed on the screen, it can be recognized theoretically.


In the future, fingerprint identification technology will be more and more widely used in our daily life.


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