Semi-transparent LCD stands for TR-LCD, which is a combination of transmission and reflection.In the tr-lcd structure, because the reflected light passes through the liquid crystal layer twice, the optical path difference between the reflected light and the transmitted light region is twice. The disadvantage of tr-lcd is that when the ambient light is not too dark, you can turn on the backlight and see both the transmitted and reflected areas, reducing the brightness of the picture.In addition, in the reflected region, the light passes through the color film twice, and the image in the reflected region and transmitted region has color deviation. The production process of the reflection and transmission areas with different thickness in the liquid crystal box is complicated, and the driving characteristics of the transmission and reflection areas are different, which brings many difficulties in the actual production and application.


According to display technology, LCD can be classified into OLED, TFT-LCD, TFD-LCD, SIN-LCD and GF-LCD.


According to backlight technology LCD can also be divided into reflection type LCD and transmission type LCD. Transmission type LCD display relies on backlight and consumes a lot of power, but reflection type LCD does not need backlight. It relies on ambient light display and consumes a lot of power. It is suitable for mobile phones, PDA and other portable electronic products.


In the early stage, the reverse reflection LCD adopted 90°TN mode and used two polaroids. Later, the reflection mixed mode TN and reflection VA with one polaroid were proposed. The disadvantage of reflective LCDS is that the contrast ratio is only 5:1-30:1 because ambient light is reflected on the panel. Because reflective LCD is mainly used in e-books and other products, so the requirements of the general paper reflectivity, that is, 70-90%.


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