1. Storage requirements:

Storage of products in the storehouse should be free of acid, alkali and harmful gases; Products should be stored in a dark place, not directly exposed to sunlight or fluorescent lamp; Long-term storage, the recommended temperature is 10-30 ° c relative humidity is not more than 60%, the product storage time is more than one year, the factory should be re-inspection.


  1. Attention:

(1) LCD is composed of two thin pieces of glass sealed by sealant. Therefore, in the process of use, it is strictly prohibited to fall, hit by hard objects, squeeze the surface of LCD, and assembly force is not uniform, so as to avoid LCD damaged scrap.

(2) For those LCD products with metal pins, avoid pulling and twisting the metal pins during use; When welding pins with soldering iron, the welding time should be short (less than 34s), so as not to destroy the metal pin and LCD reliable connection, so that the LCD can not work normally.

(3) Since the surface of the LCD is a plastic polaroid, it is necessary to strictly prevent scratches or stains by hard objects in the process of use. The protective film of the polaroid on the LCD observation surface should be removed after the assembly.

(4) Since LCD is a low-voltage, micro-power consumption product, if the glass surface is affected by moisture conduction, will produce “crosstalk” display, make the LCD display abnormal.

(5) In order to prevent the electrochemical reaction of liquid crystal and affect the life of LCD, the drive voltage should be guaranteed to have the smallest dc component (50 mV).

(6) Because the liquid crystal and polarizing plate are organic matter, the use of the process, should prevent a long time by ultraviolet radiation, photochemical reaction, make LCD performance deterioration.


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