LCD: Liquid Crystal Display

LCM: Liquid Crystal Module (almost all products shipped by our company can be classified as this type)

TN: Twisted Nematic. (The distortion orientation of liquid crystal molecules deflects 90°)

STN: Super Twisted Nematic. (About 180~270° twisted column.)

FSTN: Formulated Super Twisted Nematic. (A layer of optical path compensation plate is added to STN for monochrome display)

TFT: Thin Film Transistor

COB: Chip On Board. (The IC bare Chip is fixed On the printed circuit Board by bonding)

COF: Chip On FPC. (To fix the IC On the flexible circuit board)

COG: Chip On Glass

BL: Backlight

LED: Light Emitting Diode

EL: Electro Luminescence. (The EL layer consists of high molecular weight thin sections)

DVI: Digital Visual Interface (VGA digital interface)

LVDS: Low Voltage Differential Signaling

IC: Integrate Circuit

TCP: Tape Carrier Package

CCFL (CCFT) : Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light/Tube

PDP: Plasma Display Panel

CRT: Cathode Radial Tube

VGA: Video Graphic Array

PCB: Printed Circuit Board


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