The advantage of industrial LCD screen is light and beautiful and more practical, easy to operate – direct click can.Tactile feedback function in touch screen system of industrial touch LCD.


  1. The touch screen membrane surface is the touch surface, i.e. the front side of the product;The glass surface is the non-touch surface, i.e. the back of the product.
  2. The touch screen is made of glass with sharp edges and corners. Please wear gloves/finger covers when assembling.Be careful not to cut your hand.
  3. The touch screen is made of fragile glass. Don’t impact the touch screen when assembling.
  4. Avoid directly taking the lead and picking up the LCD, and avoid pulling the lead position.
  5. It is not allowed to bend the drawing line reinforcement plate.
  6. Any part of the lead line is not allowed to fold in half.
  7. The lead line must be inserted horizontally during the assembly, and cannot be folded in half at the root of the reinforcing plate.
  8. When taking and putting products, it is necessary to operate on a single piece. Handle and put the products gently to avoid the products’ collision and scratch the surface of the products.
  9. Clean the surface of the product, please use a soft cloth (deerskin) dipped in petroleum ether wipe, keep dry.
  10. Do not wipe the touch screen membrane surface with corrosive organic solvents.Such as industrial alcohol.
  11. Do not stack the touch screen, use tray.


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