LCD screen has a variety of arrangements, so there will be TN screen, IPS screen and so on. Which will easily produce water ripple is TN type, is the principle of most soft screen use.


Think of the liquid crystal as a long bar, basically a change in tilt relative to the vertical direction to change the grayscale. At this time, a certain amount of pressure will change the numerical inclination. At this time to see the legendary IPS hard screen, why he is not prone to water ripples? His liquid crystal arrangement is the relative horizontal direction of the tilt change to change the grayscale. At this time, when the vertical direction is pressed with a certain amount of force, the change of inclination Angle has little impact. At the same time, this arrangement of liquid crystal recovery rate than TN much faster, so return to normal quickly and easily.


What emphasize is, not be basically because of hard screen, glass is very hard, press press so it seems that press do not move glass ability to appear water ripple more difficult. But because of this arrangement of liquid crystal, the direction of electric field controlling liquid crystal is different, IPS has such ability to use hard glass screen, while TN type cannot be used.


TN liquid crystal display principle is the upper and lower glass plate printed circuit board, can not use a hard glass; IPS LCD principle, only under the glass circuit can be controlled, so the upper layer can be arbitrarily thick, thin, hard and soft.


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