According to the application field, LCD is generally divided into three grades: military grade, industrial grade and commercial grade.Because the performance of different products in different application environments is also different, the temperature scale of LCD directly determines what kind of temperature scale the LCD can work and store.


Military grade LCD display screen

Military-grade refers to military equipment, such as missiles, satellites, tanks and electronics inside aircraft carriers. Any part of it is the most advanced, the most expensive and the most precise. The scale of military grade operating temperature is -40℃~+85℃


Industrial grade LCD

Slightly lower than the military-grade level, the price is second, the precision is second. Industrial grade is -30℃~+70℃, better can reach the scale of -30℃~+80℃ operating temperature. Can meet industrial standards, can adapt to the industrial environment under ultra-low temperature, low temperature of the harsh environment.


Commercial grade LCD

In the market, computers and mobile phones are mostly commercial-grade LCD screens. For example, the chips made by Microsoft are military-grade ones, which are the cheapest, most common and most useful. The scale of its general operating temperature only needs to reach 0℃~+50℃.


However, generally our LCD LCD temperature is divided into two categories, one is the size of the working temperature, one is the size of the storage temperature. In general, the operating temperature of LCD is -20° to 70°, and the storage temperature is -30 ° to 80°.


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