Often a customer will ask us, because the terminal use environment is relatively bad, basically in the non-stop vibration, what kind of LCD screen can be used in the vibration environment for a long time?


When confronted with this kind of problem, we will first consider from the structure and connection of the LCD screen. Actually, the display part of liquid crystal screen and shake do not have too big concern, want not to be hit only, broken wait for a circumstance, liquid crystal screen shows won’t be affected. However, if the structure and connection mode is not appropriate, a long time of vibration, it is likely to cause the connection part dislocation loose, resulting in poor liquid crystal display.


What we must know, then, is the type of conventional LCD structure and connection.


Structurally, the LCD screen is usually divided into COB and COG structures. In simple terms, COB belongs to the external driver chip and COG belongs to the internal driver chip. Therefore, COG structure is more suitable for use in vibration environment.


In terms of connection mode, there are usually conductive tape, zebra paper, FPC line, metal tube needle.


Here, more suitable for the vibration environment is the metal pipe needle and FPC connection. Metal tube pins, often used in code screens, are directly welded to the circuit board, so as long as there is no direct impact, basically no problem.


FPC row line is often used in the structure of the COG lattice screen and color screen, vibration environment is also more adaptable, but FPC will be divided into and plug welding, welding type is directly welded on the circuit board, plug type is inserted in the circuit board on the seat, so relatively welding is more suitable for the vibration environment, Topfoison LCD panel in the design, also can consider that according to the customer’s usage, vibration environment can use priority of FPC welding type.


Of course, plug-in type FPC is not unsuitable. When our liquid crystal customers choose plug-in type FPC, we will help them choose connectors with better quality, or modify the shape of FPC, or even add gluing process, so as to ensure that there is no mistake in the actual use.


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