Instrument LCD, as the name implies, means the LCD used above instrument, including measuring instrument, automobile instrument, electric instrument and so on they all need to use LCD display.


  1. Instrument LCD display should choose Industrial-grade: instrument in use process due to the working environment is relatively poor, then the reliability of the liquid crystal display for instrument is more strict, general liquid crystal display can’t work under such strength, including falling in high and low temperature, waterproof, dustproof effect played less than industrial-grade instrument of liquid crystal display requirements, so be sure to choose the industrial-grade.


  1. Instrument LCD should choose a small power consumption: the general common display screen is composed of a number of internal circuits, these circuits drive cathode ray picture tube work, need to consume a lot of power, and with the volume of the continuous increase, the power consumption of the internal circuit will certainly increase.By contrast, instrument LCDs consume much less power than traditional displays, mainly on their internal electrodes and driving IC.


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