LCD screen is very fragile, generally express company for liquid crystal display can not meet, not pick up because of the transportation of liquid crystal display of damage rate is extremely high, at the same time the price of LCD is not cheap, once appear damaged, merchants, express delivery, consumers who are not willing to bear the liability for such a loss, but also contains a lot of sensitive electrical components, so in transportation and delivery of packaging should take care all the more, choose the material also should choose soft materials, can not cause damage to the screen, so the structure of the film inflatable packaging is suitable.


In all inflatable packaging, in order to adapt to the corners around the display screen and provide buffer protection for a long time, the packaging scheme we designed for customers is generally to use air column bags that can be made into various types of bags.


In order to design the bag type, it is necessary to make clear the customer’s needs for LCD screen protection. Some customers only need to package the four corners of the display screen, so we will recommend the air column bag with the shape of straight angle protection. If the customer needs to wrap the whole display screen, we will recommend the air cylinder bag with two clamping shapes.


The liquid crystal display screen covered with the inflatable packaging can be placed directly in the straight line. If there is a gap between the carton and the product, the gap will be filled with air bag or gourd film to fix the product.If customers feel that the cushioning protection effect of carton and air column bag is not enough, they can also add air column gasket to enhance the cushioning protection effect.


There are different parameters for the thickness and width of air column bag. The thicker and wider the air column bag is, the more obvious the protection effect will be. However, it is not said that all products should be the thickest and widest air column bag.


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