1. Clean the LCD screen with water.When cleaned with clean water, liquid tends to drip into the liquid crystal screen, short-circuiting the device and burning expensive electronics.Wipe the LCD screen with a clean cloth or cotton swab. But must not use general soft cloth (such as glasses cloth) or paper towel to wipe liquid crystal screen, to soft liquid crystal screen, their surface is still too rough, very easy to scratch delicate liquid crystal screen.


  1. In the clean LCD display, do not wipe the screen surface with any alkaline solution or chemical solution.There are basically two types of stains on LCD panels: the accumulated dust in the air, and the fingerprints and oil stains inadvertently left by the user. It is easy to damage the liquid crystal if you don’t pay attention when cleaning the liquid crystal screen.


3. Clean the LCD screen with alcohol and other chemical solvents. Nowadays, LCD screens are coated with a special coating on the screen. Once the screen is wiped with alcohol, the special coating will dissolve, causing a bad effect on the display.


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