When you encounter a sudden black screen on the LCD, 4 steps can help you quickly solve the problem of LCD maintenance.


  1. When the LCD screen is black, check whether the cable connecting the screen to the computer is loose. If the cable is loose and the display is in a signal interruption state, a black screen may appear.


  1. Check whether there is any problem with the main engine and test whether the main engine line is loose. Check whether the computer keyboard display light is on. If the indicator is on, it means that the host is not at fault.


  1. If the LCD display black screen is not caused by the host, check whether the LCD protection circuit is working due to high voltage or low voltage, check whether the accelerator voltage is normal.


  1. The following prone to problems of the parts of the inspection, such as whether the fuse is blown, whether the rectifier bridge switch tube damage, current limit protection resistance is burned out, and so on, these parts can be seen from the black failure phenomenon.


Of course, LCD screens go black for a number of reasons. This article describes just a few basic checks. If these four points can not be detected, then professional LCD maintenance personnel need a long time to help.


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