We all know that the human body is static electricity, sometimes up to dozens of volts or hundreds of volts of high voltage static electricity, the LCD screen in the operation, assembly, and use should be extremely careful, is necessary to prevent static electricity. So how does an LCD screen work against static electricity?


  1. The LCD shall not be cleaned by vacuum cleaner. Because it has a lot of static electricity. Still have is air dry, also can produce static electricity, accordingly, humidity of the workshop should be in RH60% above.


  1. Do not touch the lead outside LCD, circuit board and metal frame with your hands. If direct contact is necessary, the body and the module should adhere to the same potential.


  1. Resistance contact shall be formed between the floor, work table, chairs, shelves, cart and tools to hold them at the same potential.


  1. Electrostatic breakdown is a kind of damage can not be corrected, it is necessary to pay attention to, not careless. When taking out or putting back into the packaging bag or moving the position, the LCD should also be careful not to produce static electricity. Do not change or discard the original package.


  1. The operation of electric screwdriver and other tools must be well grounded, no leakage. The most important thing to pay attention to is the welding iron is necessary to be well grounded, no leakage of electricity.


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