Displayed in low temperature environment, it is well known that the LCD panel will sell at a discount greatly, and the effect of specific phenomenon are the refresh rate is reduced, display content is very shallow, even with the best material, also can alleviate the phenomenon, but impossible to reach room temperature display effect, then, Russia, Canada, Iceland, the position itself in the very north of countries and the area used by the LCD screen, with what method to solve this problem?


Answer is heating tablets, we use -40℃ before material static LCD screen (the equivalent of our domestic gas station to use the LCD panel), export to Russia, after the feedback effect is not ideal, even if in the room, because the land is engineering, no heating, remain the forty or fifty degrees below zero temperature, this is in big trouble, easily more than the limit temperature of the LCD screen. Later, after confirming that the heating device could not be used by the other device (the heating resistance alone was afraid of accidents), we adopted the method of matching the heating plate with the temperature control circuit.


Heating structure is actually very simple, use is our basic LCD ITO glass, ITO because itself is a resistance, through its direct after electrify, will produce the same effect and heat resistance, temperature, however, ITO glass because of lower resistance, higher temperature not endless, do not like resistance have bigger security hidden danger, therefore fitting that can be used in engineering equipment.


At the same time, we also designed a separate temperature control module for customers, as long as the LCD screen temperature reaches 10 degrees will automatically turn off the heating plate, to reduce power consumption.


Of course, the use of the power consumption of heating piece does bring up, but it can provide the LCD panel used in a very low environment with the possibility, also greatly improve the life of the product, now we also have many customers using this scheme, Topfoison as the LCD module manufacturer for many years, will provide different solutions for different customers, if you are looking for ultra-low temperature, high durability, antistatic engineering environment has these requirements, welcome to come to consult!

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