Topfoison developed a series of open source board, including RV1108, RK3328, RKNanoD, RK3399. Smart toys are a combination of high technology, education and entertainment, not only for play, but also for fun and entertainment.

Smart Toys
Smart Toys

[ Intelligent Performance ]

As the top open source platform of Topfoison’s new generation, integrated dual-core architecture (M3 processor, WiFi module, high quality audio Codec, with simple and easy way of programming, to accelerate product development, also can let many of the industry to realize the Internet of things (IOT) technology application and transformation.

Smart Toys
Smart Toys

[ Features ]

1.  Server-level Processor–Meet the operation of almost all terminal systems. 
2.  Low Power consumption–It can extend the lifetime of the mother board.
3.  High Performance–It has various operating systems to achieve all functions.
4.  Rich interface and peripherals–Strong compatibility reduces interface constraints.

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