Project introduction

The smart home appliance control scheme is implemented by the user through a smart phone, using a simple and clear APP interface to perform a variety of control modes, Whenever and wherever users are, they can use remote control to monitor and operate smart appliances.

Smart Appliances
Smart Appliances

Program construction

Topfoison open source industry motherboard/ PCB board for Smart Appliances + display / touch screen

Smart Appliances2
Smart Appliances2

Program Features
1. Smart operating system: Android or Third-party OS;

2. Big screen touch interaction, High resolution;

3. Millisecond fast response, smooth user experience;

4. Voice interaction;

5. Powerful CPU and GPU performance, real-time image recognition.

application scenarios

Smart Appliances3
Smart Appliances3

Intelligent home appliances,intelligent refrigerator,full-automatic washing machine,Intelligent sweeping robot,Smart coffee machine, etc.

Nowadays, it is almost that no equipment is not smart, It seems that all traditional electronic products need to be smarter. Do you want to enter the smart industry? Please Contact Topfoison, Topfoison has a professional team to provide high performance, high stability open source motherboards/ PCB board customize service.

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