Topfoison developed a series of open source board, including RV1108, RK3328, RKNanoD, RK3399. Due to its rapid, accurate and simultaneous recognition, it is widely used in various application scenarios, such as Intelligent security, educational administration, financing institution, etc. 

Face Recognition solution
Face Recognition solution

[ Intelligent Performance ]

As the top open source platform of Topfoison’s new generation, the mother board adopts six nuclear 64 processor RK3399 server level, have 2GB/ 4GB DDR3 and 16GB/ 32GB eMMC, and new DP 1.2 PCle m. 2, Type – C, see the HOST, such as high performance, data transmission and display interface. Powerful performance configuration will give VR, panoramic shooting, visual recognition, server, 3D and other cutting-edge technologies.

Face Recognition solution
Face Recognition solution

[ Features ]

1.  Server-level Processor–Meet the operation of almost all terminal systems.
2.  Low Power consumption–It can extend the lifetime of the mother board.
3.  High Performance–It has various operating systems to achieve all functions.
4.  Rich interface and peripherals–Strong compatibility reduces interface constraints.
5.  Face detection/identification–Powerful CPU and GPU performance, real-time face recognition, precise push service.

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