Touch Panel

17Sep 2019

In the production process of mobile phone screen, the protective glass, touch screen and display screen need to be fitted twice. If the frame is used, the display effect will be greatly reduced. If the full fitting rate is another problem. Because the protection glass, touch screen and display each after a joint production process, yield […]

31Aug 2019

In our real life, touch screen everywhere, can be divided into single touch screen and multi-touch screen.   Resistive single-touch: Single touch screen can be adapted to a variety of harsh environments, in any case (for example, toilet, bathtub, bubble sauna), any environment (for example, rain, snow, high temperature, ultra-low temperature), and anything (for example, […]

20Aug 2019

The operation of capacitive touch screen has a great impact on the life of touch screen. Do you know why?   Capacitive touch screen technology works by using the human body’s current induction. Capacitive touch screen is a four-layer composite glass screen. The inner surface and interlayer of the glass screen are each coated with […]

15Aug 2019

The touch screen has capacitive touch, resistive touch and infrared touch, which refers to the transparent and very thin touch film on the surface of the LCD screen. Take capacitive touch as an example: if that film is a capacitive touch, such a LCD screen is called a capacitive screen. So is a capacitive touch screen the […]

01Aug 2019

As a display equipment and solution provider, Topfoison specializes in intelligent liquid crystal product research and development and core board development. The company has been deeply engaged in the industry for more than 10 years, adhering to product research and development innovation, and developing business hall displays for Banks and government affairs halls. To provide various […]

16Jul 2019

In recent years, countries around the world have begun to promote the construction of “smart cities” — the integration of advanced digital and Internet skills into urban systems, delivering real-time and transparent information to users’ fingertips to help them make better choices. At the same time, urban managers can make scientific decisions, fine management, rapid response […]

03Jul 2019

An interesting experiment, Chinese touch screen netcom, touch screen generation: it is smarter for children to touch the display screen with mobile phones.The BBC’s latest documentary, baby: a magical world, tested children aged 0-2 and found that electronic products may have a positive effect on children.   Many parents worry about children in the use […]

28Jun 2019

Smart home not only has the traditional living function, but also has architecture, network communication, information appliances, equipment automation, provide a full range of information interaction, and even for a variety of energy cost savings and other functions. With the continuous development of science, people have higher and higher requirements on the quality of life. […]

29Mar 2019

With the development of technology, multi-media equipment has continually enhanced, which improve people’s working efficiency and life quality and meet people’s increasing demands. However, usually the equipment is with many buttons, scattered device and cumbersome functions, which makes people do not know how to do. Then intelligent central control system appears, marking another big leap […]