19Sep 2019

Driving method: 1) make use of the regulation method of current value 2) adjustment method using pulse amplitude modulation technology   The adjustment of the current value method mainly is to change the current value to adjust the brightness of the, the assumption of luminosity to 1 times, white light luminosity and luminosity to 1.7 […]

18Sep 2019

Semi-transparent LCD stands for TR-LCD, which is a combination of transmission and reflection.In the tr-lcd structure, because the reflected light passes through the liquid crystal layer twice, the optical path difference between the reflected light and the transmitted light region is twice. The disadvantage of tr-lcd is that when the ambient light is not too dark, […]

11Sep 2019

LCD seamless splicing technology is a special and demanding projection display application, which can realize multi-screen image fusion, and reduce the splicing gap to the minimum and completely overlap the splicing technology. Seamless splicing technology not only requires a complete super-large screen, but also has special requirements for the projection used to project super-sized images. The biggest […]

10Sep 2019

In fact, LCD screens have been developing since we didn’t pay attention to them. LCD technology was introduced in 1968, but it was only in 1973 that it was really used in products. Over the next 10 years, LCD technology developed very slowly. What we could see was black and white display without chroma, until Toshiba […]

06Sep 2019

Speaking of FPC wiring, I’m sure you’re familiar with what FPC is.   FPC by function, can be divided into many kinds, such as FPC antenna, FPC touch screen, FPC capacitor screen, FPC cable is one of them, generally speaking, FPC cable is the connection line.FPC wiring is a kind of FPC, so its composition […]

05Sep 2019

LCD screen is very fragile, generally express company for liquid crystal display can not meet, not pick up because of the transportation of liquid crystal display of damage rate is extremely high, at the same time the price of LCD is not cheap, once appear damaged, merchants, express delivery, consumers who are not willing to […]

03Sep 2019

Since the birth of liquid crystal display, with its thin and beautiful, health and energy saving and many other advantages, won the majority of consumer groups like and favor. However, the delicate and easy to damage LCD display, but also cause many users in the use and maintenance process at a loss.In order to let […]

02Sep 2019

The development of LCD in China is not long, but in a short period of more than ten years, China’s TFT LCD industry has developed rapidly. The application field of liquid crystal display has been deeply into People’s Daily production and life. But for a large number of people outside the industry or even in […]

29Aug 2019

Prepare drawings before customization Our LCD liquid crystal display custom custom is different from other products, the structure of the liquid crystal display is very complex, the structure need to be with drawings in advance with CAD drawing down to it, in the time of new product development tend to have the product manager will […]

28Aug 2019

The supply chain of the traditional lighting industry is mainly in the chain form of upstream chips, packaging, accessories, etc., but the development of the new supply chain in LED intelligent technology has formed a leap of discrete form transformation, so traditional lighting enterprises can easily be eliminated by the market if they cannot accept […]