19Sep 2019

Driving method: 1) make use of the regulation method of current value 2) adjustment method using pulse amplitude modulation technology   The adjustment of the current value method mainly is to change the current value to adjust the brightness of the, the assumption of luminosity to 1 times, white light luminosity and luminosity to 1.7 […]

04Sep 2019

The materials used in OLED display screens are mainly divided into cathode materials, anode materials, buffer materials, carrier transport materials and luminescent materials by function. Their main features are described below.   Cathode material The OLED cathode material is used as the cathode of the display screen. To improve the efficiency of electron injection, the […]

01Aug 2019

As a display equipment and solution provider, Topfoison specializes in intelligent liquid crystal product research and development and core board development. The company has been deeply engaged in the industry for more than 10 years, adhering to product research and development innovation, and developing business hall displays for Banks and government affairs halls. To provide various […]

12Jul 2019

According to a report released by IHS Markit in June, Samsung Electronics ranked first with a market share of 29.4% in the global TV market, while LG Electronics ranked second with a market share of 16.5%. However, the production of LG mobile phone panels has encountered some problems. According to foreign media phoneArena, LG will […]

10Jul 2019

Although South Korea’s Samsung Display currently dominates the production of flexible OLED panels for smart phones, it has a 95% market share in the flexible OLED panel market. However, with the support of market prospects and industrial policies, Chinese companies are investing more funds in the field of OLED panels, targeting Samsung and other technology […]

08Jul 2019

In-vehicle electronic products are increasing day by day. In recent years, it has become one of the markets that Taiwan’s panel makers are actively attacking, including AUO, Innolux and Altek System, which are all focused on the development of the automotive market. AUO and Innolux will both be mini LEDs. Backlight technology, imported into the […]

27Jun 2019

What’s the difference between OLED and LED Although OLED and LED look very similar on the surface, from the technical point of view, they are completely different. In the development of display technology for decades, liquid crystal technology has been improved and finally become the mainstream, and now the addition of quantum dot technology allows […]

21Jun 2019

Thickness: LCDS are much thicker than oleds due to their backlit and liquid crystal layers, so OLED screens are very easy to thin out a phone or display, which is a big boost for a phone. Thinner screens allow you to cram in more components to enhance the rest of the experience.   Flexibility: while […]