08Nov 2019

Backlight is an important part of LCD display. LED backlight is used in a variety of products, especially with the increase in the demand for various electronic LCD products, but also fundamentally for the use of high-quality backlight has brought a huge demand. So what are the main factors that affect the price of backlight?   […]

05Nov 2019

The service life of the LCD display backlight is 100000 hours in theory, in the actual use related to many factors, such as backlight of the working voltage is 3V, you use as far as possible is 3V power supply, if above 3V, used occasionally, can also use it for a long time, will cause […]

04Nov 2019

The brightness uniformity of LCD display is an important index to judge whether the LCD display is good or bad. If the uniformity is not good, it means that the backlight source of the LCD display is not well designed, and it is easy to leak light.Therefore a good screen must have a better uniformity. […]

21Oct 2019

For LCD display devices, brightness is a key performance measure. Brightness is measured in candela per square meter (CD/m2) or nit.Just as the power of a car engine is expressed in horsepower, so is nitre. It represents the brightness of a monitor as many candles. The amount of light in a 300 nit desktop monitor […]

18Oct 2019

Instrument LCD, as the name implies, means the LCD used above instrument, including measuring instrument, automobile instrument, electric instrument and so on they all need to use LCD display.   Instrument LCD display should choose Industrial-grade: instrument in use process due to the working environment is relatively poor, then the reliability of the liquid crystal display […]

17Oct 2019

With the development of science and technology, liquid crystal has appeared in people’s life. Serial LCD display is a new technology at present. What is serial liquid crystal screen?   Serial LCD adopts high-speed digital chip control, standardized instruction set for programming, according to customer needs can be embedded in any font and size of […]

16Oct 2019

With steps to speed up the development of science and technology, more and more industry equipment is used in LCD, but the heat generated by the instruments and equipment work, make the equipment internal temperature rise quickly, if not in time to the heat dissipation, the equipment will be increasing which leads to device failure […]

15Oct 2019

LCD: Liquid Crystal Display LCM: Liquid Crystal Module (almost all products shipped by our company can be classified as this type) TN: Twisted Nematic. (The distortion orientation of liquid crystal molecules deflects 90°) STN: Super Twisted Nematic. (About 180~270° twisted column.) FSTN: Formulated Super Twisted Nematic. (A layer of optical path compensation plate is added to STN for […]

14Oct 2019

LCD: TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, etc. Backlight: 1) LED backlight: bottom backlight, side backlight, color screen backlight. 2) EL backlight 3) CCFL backlight IC: COG, COB, TAB and COF in package form PCB: printed circuit board, double panel in LCM. FPC: Flexible Printed Circuits connectors with single panel, double panel, cut-out board, multilayer board and […]

12Oct 2019

At present, a large number of LCD products, the manufacturing process is not the same, and not all can be applied in each field. In order to provide an optimal match between LCD and applications, it is important to understand the specific target market and its specific design requirements. For example, many displays are designed and manufactured […]