Application Solution

18Oct 2019

Instrument LCD, as the name implies, means the LCD used above instrument, including measuring instrument, automobile instrument, electric instrument and so on they all need to use LCD display.   Instrument LCD display should choose Industrial-grade: instrument in use process due to the working environment is relatively poor, then the reliability of the liquid crystal display […]

20Sep 2019

News summary: in recent years, the market of large-screen splicing monitor is growing rapidly, and splicing display technology is a new force emerging. The three splicing display technologies, narrow-edge LCD splicing wall, have the most development advantages, and narrow-edge LCD splicing video wall has been widely used in various industries.   In recent years, the […]

16Sep 2019

Under the screen fingerprint identification in the screen share is higher and higher at the same time, it seems to see the dawn of the rise, major mobile phone manufacturers have launched under the screen fingerprint identification technology, in the future, under the screen fingerprint identification technology will also be the general trend of the […]

15Sep 2019

The Internet of things refers to a huge network of intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management through radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning system, laser scanners and other information sensing devices, which connect any object to the Internet according to the agreed protocol for information exchange and communication. From this definition, it can […]

01Aug 2019

As a display equipment and solution provider, Topfoison specializes in intelligent liquid crystal product research and development and core board development. The company has been deeply engaged in the industry for more than 10 years, adhering to product research and development innovation, and developing business hall displays for Banks and government affairs halls. To provide various […]

31Jul 2019

Bus card reader is the core construction part of urban public traffic card, is a part of intelligent bus IC card charging system, it is composed of vehicle-mounted charging terminal and background management system, which greatly improves the service level of the bus industry, and has inestimable significance for the construction of modern intelligent transportation. […]

29Jul 2019

The 7 inch TFT LCD screen is relatively small and medium-sized. This kind of liquid crystal display has many fields of application. The scope of application includes: car GPS, digital photo frame, visual building intercom, security monitoring system, advertising display, medical equipment, Industrial control and other fields. There are also iPads that we often use. These […]

25Jul 2019

Now, the retail industry is experiencing a wave of “smart”, which is reflected in the latest technology products and services brought by global retail industry manufacturers at the national retail federation show (NRF2019) on January 13, us time. Meanwhile, ss-imagotag SA (SES), a subsidiary of BOE LCD display screen manufacturer, brought electronic tags and intelligent […]