17Aug 2019

Industrial LCD is used more and more frequently in our life, but the price of industrial LCD is more expensive than the price of ordinary display, why?   It is not so much the price of industrial LCD screen as the difference of its products. Fortunately, industrial LCD screen is mainly used in the display […]

16Aug 2019

Common faults of industrial LCD screen industrial LCD screen produced by the fault is generally such as: white screen, flower screen, black screen, screen dark, yellow, white, bright line, bright band, dark line, dark band, outer film scratches.   These faults are relatively easy to repair is the plate, yellow, white spots, membrane scratch. The screen […]

15Aug 2019

The touch screen has capacitive touch, resistive touch and infrared touch, which refers to the transparent and very thin touch film on the surface of the LCD screen. Take capacitive touch as an example: if that film is a capacitive touch, such a LCD screen is called a capacitive screen. So is a capacitive touch screen the […]

14Aug 2019

COG is short for chip on glass, where the chip is bonded directly to the glass. This installation mode can greatly reduce the volume of LCD module, and is easy to mass production, suitable for consumer electronic products of LCD, such as: mobile phone, PAD and other portable products, this installation mode, driven by IC manufacturers, […]

13Aug 2019

LCD type: OLED liquid crystal display, STN liquid crystal display, STN liquid crystal display, STN liquid crystal display, TFD liquid crystal display are five common types of liquid crystal display. Concept perspective: LCD (liquid-crystal display) is a Liquid Crystal Display, LCM (liquid-crystal module) is a Liquid Crystal Module; Industry perspective: LCD is a big concept, is the name of LCD […]

12Aug 2019

Do you know why LCD screen appears ripple? Let’s see.   LCD display has a variety of arrangements, so there will be TN screen, IPS screen and so on. The one that will easily produce water ripples is TN type, which is also the principle used by most soft screens. Think of the liquid crystal as a long […]

09Aug 2019

When you encounter a sudden black screen on the LCD, 4 steps can help you quickly solve the problem of LCD maintenance.   When the LCD screen is black, check whether the cable connecting the screen to the computer is loose. If the cable is loose and the display is in a signal interruption state, […]

08Aug 2019

We all know that the human body is static electricity, sometimes up to dozens of volts or hundreds of volts of high voltage static electricity, the LCD screen in the operation, assembly, and use should be extremely careful, is necessary to prevent static electricity. So how does an LCD screen work against static electricity?   […]

07Aug 2019

According to the application field, LCD is generally divided into three grades: military grade, industrial grade and commercial grade.Because the performance of different products in different application environments is also different, the temperature scale of LCD directly determines what kind of temperature scale the LCD can work and store.   Military grade LCD display screen […]

06Aug 2019

Resolution Resolution is a very important indicator of performance. It refers to the number of points (lines and planes on the screen are made of points) that can be displayed horizontally and vertically on the screen. The higher the resolution, the more information can be contained in the same screen.Both the 320 by 240 resolution […]