News summary: in recent years, the market of large-screen splicing monitor is growing rapidly, and splicing display technology is a new force emerging. The three splicing display technologies, narrow-edge LCD splicing wall, have the most development advantages, and narrow-edge LCD splicing video wall has been widely used in various industries.


In recent years, the market of large screen splicing monitor grows rapidly. Although monitor is developing towards thin and thin direction gradually, monitor still adheres to the strategy of “big is beautiful”. The development of assembled large-screen monitor (splicing wall) is inseparable from the development of traditional closed-circuit television monitoring system, data acquisition system and computer network system. Splicing large-screen is a screen wall composed of a single monitor, whose main function is to complete the terminal display of monitoring images.


Now monitor products are mainly divided into 3 categories, CRT, PTP and LCD. There is a distinct market segment between them, and the price range is also clearly divided. The application market is also very extensive, such as petroleum, chemical industry, public security, finance, schools, transportation, energy, electric power, water conservancy, geology, metallurgy, telecommunications, medical treatment, military and other fields have been widely used.


Application of narrow edge liquid crystal splicing large screen.

Well-known display technology of intellectual property rights mostly by Japan, America, South Korea and China Taiwan region includes, although our country is currently the world’s largest producer of display devices, products accounts for more than half of the world, 80% of products exported, and these products are basically using Japanese technology of original equipment manufacture OEM products, needed for the domestic large-screen high-resolution color display screen still needs to be imported from abroad.


The application trend of color large screen splicing system is also very obvious. Video conference venue, security monitoring center more and more use of narrow edge LCD Mosaic large screen system. Due to the introduction of the Mosaic wall of the large-screen system with narrow edge, it is a big blow to DLP and PDP. Based on years of experience in large screen splicing and market demand, kabotych boldly predicted that competition would further intensify as the demand for high-definition monitors continued to expand. But because their respective advantages cannot replace each other, they will coexist in the market for some time.


Three kinds of Mosaic display technology, narrow edge LCD Mosaic wall has the most development advantages. At present, narrow-edge LCD splice video wall has been widely used in various industries, from the earliest radio and television, to the city emergency command, traffic police command center, power monitoring, financial, water conservancy, railway and other industries, as well as community, public places, factory production monitoring and so on.


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