As a display equipment and solution provider, Topfoison specializes in intelligent liquid crystal product research and development and core board development. The company has been deeply engaged in the industry for more than 10 years, adhering to product research and development innovation, and developing business hall displays for Banks and government affairs halls. To provide various customized high-quality human-machine interaction and complete machine solutions for the new energy charging pile industry…For many years, Topfoison has been providing flexible customized services according to customer needs, and each new product has been well received in the industry.


Business hall display

The display in the business hall is designed with desk calendar type and low power consumption. There are two hd display screens in front and behind. The main screen is connected to the original host through LVDS interface.The secondary screen supports Android 6.0 and above systems, with built-in 200W hd camera and capacitive touch control. Products are widely used in mobile service hall, banking service hall, municipal window, cashier window, etc.


Advertising machine series

Topfoison advertising machine appearance beautiful fashion, support audio, pictures, rolling subtitles and video play;Support full screen, split screen playback. Support automatic loop playback, timing switch and power off memory function. The industrial LCD panel with full hd and wide viewing angle has a resolution of 1920×1080. Support 1080P hd display. Support cable network, remote upgrade, can expand WIFI and 3G network, humanized products, intelligent, can be customized according to customer requirements.The products are mainly used in the media advertisement release of airports, subways, stations and other public places, the information release of government, enterprises and institutions, the introduction of products in the field of finance and securities, and the display of products and services in catering and entertainment places.


Intelligent liquid crystal display

Using the current mainstream graphics application service software, to achieve seamless docking, mainly for the rapid development of customers with high reliability of the full graphics, touch screen interface and design, with the development of simple, flexible, good UI experience, strong reliability and stability. As a comprehensive technology enterprise rooted in the field of electronic information and relying on the advantages of industrial chain integration, Topfoison supports to provide various customized high-quality human-machine interaction and complete machine solutions for the new energy charging pile industry, and provides flexible customized services according to customer needs.


Android communication class customization

Support customize various android communication plan, including consumer tablet class industrial tablet class solutions, PDA solution, video storage solution, order plan, small desktop advertising machine, customized products are also widely applied in teaching, mobile business intelligence, warehousing information, driving records, smart order, desktop advertising, etc.


Topfoison will always adhere to the enterprise purpose of innovation, integrity, excellence and dedication, adhere to constant innovation, bring customers with better display solutions, and create more personalized high-quality products.

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