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Our Products

1.39 inch 400*400 Round/Circular AMOLED display with MIPI DSI interface

1.39 inch full color AMOLED is with high resolution 400*400, it is MIPI interface with fast transfer speed.

2.3 inch Horizontal LCD Display 320*240 TFT LCD Module with SPI/MCU Interface

2.3 inch 320*240 landscape/horizontal mode tft lcd display module without touch panel, owning regular TN 12 O'clock viewing angle and MCU/SPI interface.

3.5 inch tft lcd display with spi+RGB 24 Bit interface for air conditioning controller

3.5 inch ips panel screen has a full viewing angle, spi+RGB interface transmits faster than normal MCU interface. And custom resistive and capacitive touch screen is available.

1.77 inch Vertical LCD Display 128*160 TFT LCD Module with Compatible Interface

1.77 inch 128*160 resolution small display viewing angle 6 O'clock lcd screen module for kids projector。

2.0 inch Vertical LCD Display 240*320 TFT LCD Module with SPI/MCU Interface

2.0 inch vertical mode tft lcd display module without touch panel, owning high resolution 240*320, regular 6 O'clock viewing angle and MCU/SPI interface.

3.97 inch LCD Screen 1280×720 TFT LCD FOG Display With LVDS Interface

3.97 inch 1280*720 resolution TFT LCD display IPS full viewing angle lcd screen module with LVDS interface without Backlight for High-end Projector.


Is this you? 1. We want to creative a new product to attract more customers, and drive more sales. 2. We hope that a professional team can help us complete our custom projects. 3. We need a long term strategic partner in China.

  1. Free sample

    We can provide free samples for our small LCD display,it will help customers to know better about our products.

  2. Supply Contract

    We can provide 5 years long-term LCD Supply contract,establish a stable supply relationship, and give customers clear legal guarantees.

  3. Customization solution

    Providing OEM&ODM service as well Rockchip PCBA Customization solution and HDMI design.Providing Technical support for different customers’ requirements,Planning for the diversified needs of customers in different industries, providing professionals with complete solutions, providing high-quality professional services to meet the diverse needs of users.

  4. Quality

    Topfoison has 9 years of experiences in production and quality inspection. The products are executed by trained staff and are inspected by professional quality inspection organizations to implement a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

  5. After sales service

    Topfoison has a large number of high-level technical talents who have very accurate and quick repair capabilities. We solemnly promise to provide the fast and thoughtful after-sales technical service.